Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Owner’s Policy cover?

Even after a thorough title search there can be title defects that are missed or hidden and may not be discovered for months or even years after you purchase your property.  Your owner’s policy will protect you against these defects by defending your title in court and covering any actual loss due to covered circumstances.  Circumstances covered by your Owner’s Policy include:

  • Liens filed against your property due to a previous owner’s failure to pay a mortgage, a judgment, taxes, special assessments or homeowner’s or condominium association charges
  • Liens for labor and materials furnished by a contractor that you did not authorize
  • Mistakes made during the examination of records
  • Clerical errors in public records
  • A previous owner’s undisclosed or missing heir appears and claims title to your property
  • A previous owner misrepresented their marital status and their legal spouse is now claiming title to your property
  • Legal restrictions on how you can use your property were not disclosed in your title policy
  • Title defects created by an invalid deed in your chain of title due to forgery, fraud, expired, fraudulent or otherwise invalid power of attorney, a signature given by force, a signature by a person of unsound mind or a signature by a minor
  • An invalid deed in your chain of title due to a signature from a defunct corporation or a signature by a corporation not authorized to sell real estate.
  • A defect in title caused by an improper previous foreclosure on your property