Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance?

Title insurance protects against financial loss due to problems and hidden defects that affect the title to your home.  The two most commonly issued title policies in Texas are Loan Policies that protect the lender and Owner’s Policies that protect homeowners.

Loan Policies

If you are borrowing money to purchase property, your lender will most likely require you to purchase a Loan Policy to protect their financial investment in the property.  By obtaining a Loan Policy the lender is assured that they have a valid, enforceable lien and should a person’s claim to your property prove to be valid, the Loan Policy will repay the balance of your loan.  

Owner’s Policies

An Owner’s Title Policy protects the homeowner from financial loss due to problems with title that arise after you purchase your home.  By obtaining owner’s title insurance you are assured that your title company will provide a legal defense and cover legal expenses to fight claims against title to your property.   Should a claim prove to be valid, you will be covered for your actual financial loss up to the amount of your policy